Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Puzzle Games 1, Underwater Worlds Jellyfishes

Activity goal

  1. Know the appearance characteristics and living habits of jellyfish;
  2. Through hands-on activities, practice counting and calculation;
  3. Like to participate in group independent inquiry activities.

Activity preparation

Each group has a paper and pen for recording the quantity.

Activity procedure

01 Meet jellyfish

(Introduce activities in the beautiful background music of the courseware)

★What sound did the children hear?

Like a brisk dance music, who is dancing?

★Let’s look at MedoActive desk, there is a beautiful underwater creature, its swimming posture seems to be dancing. Have you ever seen this creature? Does anyone know what it is?

Its name is jellyfish, also known as jellyfish.


★What do children think these jellyfish look like?

★Some are like transparent umbrellas, some are like mushrooms, but they are much bigger than mushrooms. Ordinary jellyfish are 20-30 cm long, and the diameter of the large jellyfish umbrella is 2 meters. There are also some beard-like tentacles on the edge of the umbrella, and some tentacles are as long as 20-30 meters. The main component of jellyfish body is water.

★Some jellyfish not only change colors, but also emit light green, blue-purple light, and some have rainbow-like halos. When they swim in the sea, they become a dazzling ball of color.


They swim by spraying water from their bodies and by changing the direction of their antennae. When in danger, they will sink to the bottom of the sea, and will quickly float up again when the sea is calm.


Don’t look at the jellyfish, which looks very docile and swims gracefully, but it is a carnivorous animal. They eat fish, small creatures and small shells. They also use light to attract prey. When prey swim up to them, they will use their tentacles to release venom to sting the prey, transfer it to the stomach, and digest it after a while. Isn’t it scary? the


So jellyfish sting too. When swimming in the sea, if you suddenly feel pain in your body, you have been stung by a jellyfish. Afterwards, it will be painful and red and swollen, but don’t worry, apply anti-inflammatory drugs or vinegar, and it will get better in a few days. However, there are different types of jellyfish, and some are very poisonous. Being stung by a highly toxic jellyfish is life-threatening, and you need to seek medical attention immediately.

natural enemy

Although jellyfish are fierce, sharks, hawksbill turtles, sea turtles and sunfish will eat it. These are the natural enemies of jellyfish.


The lifespan of jellyfish is only a few weeks, at most about a year, and some deep-sea jellyfish can live longer.

02 Swim to the aquarium

★Next, let’s play a game together. Let’s first listen to how the game is played.

(The children sitting around the MedoActive desk naturally form a group. The teacher finds the help voice icon from the toolbox, clicks to play, and can also open the help document to watch and explain the rules of the game to the children.)

★Now ask the children to find out the aquarium from their toolbox and drag the jellyfish into the aquarium. When finished, count how many jellyfish are in the aquarium. Team members line up the aquarium together.

Various activities:

Children’s independent activities

After finishing counting, the group will line up the aquarium together, count the total, share with your friends how you line up, and record the number of each activity;

Act according to the specified method, such as:

The total number of jellyfish dragged into the aquarium by each group is 30, to see which group finishes quickly and well;

Each group drags jellyfish into 3 aquariums, counts how many jellyfish are in each aquarium after completion, and records the total number;

Each group drags jellyfish of different colors, and lines up the aquarium after completion;

Each group drags in jellyfish of different shapes, counts them after completion, and records the total number of them;

Competition: Which team drags the most jellyfish into the aquarium within the specified time wins;

Each group finds 5 aquariums, and each person drags the same number of jellyfish into each aquarium. After finishing, count the total number and record the total number.


Review the recorded results and give praise to groups that have clear records and work well together.

Expand your thinking: Are jellyfish edible?

There are many types of jellyfish, and only one or two types of jellyfish are edible. Because each venomous stinging cell in its tentacles can only be used once, the venom is stimulated and released during going to sea and carrying it. But it needs to be processed many times with salt and alum, and the water can be filtered out before it can be eaten. Such as cold jellyfish.

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