Kindergarten Courses – K2 Science, The Growing Frogs

Activity goal

  1. Understand the physical characteristics and growth process of frogs.
  2. Cultivate the habit of observing the changes of things and stimulate interest in natural science.
  3. Recognize that frogs are beneficial animals to humans and should be protected.

Activity preparation

Preparing the audio “Frog’s Scream”

Preparing for the video “Little Frog Looking for Mom”

Prepare a simple rhythm game

Activity procedure

01 Import Today, the teacher invited an animal friend, let’s listen to its nice voice first! (Play the audio “Frog’s Call”) Everyone guessed it quickly, yes, it is the little frog.

02 Observation (open the MedoActive courseware, guide the observation of the screen, and recognize the appearance and characteristics of the frog)

Have you ever seen a frog? Can anyone tell me what it looks like. Please find the big frog on the desk and talk about it from top to bottom. What color coat is the frog wearing? What about the eyes and mouth? What color is the belly? How many legs does a frog have? (Children say, the teacher guides, and praises children who express themselves completely. Focus on explaining the changes of feet and tails, and guide children to observe.)

Now that we know the frog, it looks cute, so is it born like this? (No) Yes, it is not like this when it was born. It has gone through a magical process when it grows up. Let us take a look at the growth process of the frog!

03 Video Watch the video “Little Frog Finds His Mother” to learn about the growth process of frogs.

04 Sorting ☋Recall the growth process of the frog in the courseware screen☊

➤Let’s recall, did the baby tadpole turn into a frog all at once? (No, it grows up slowly, and the body is constantly changing) Now, please think about how it changes?

➤In what season does the mother frog give birth? (spring)

➤What does the newborn baby look like? (lots of round eggs)

➤How do eggs turn into tadpoles when the weather warms up? (takes off coat)

➤What are the characteristics of the appearance of tadpoles? (black body, round head, a thin tail) how do tadpoles swim? (Imitate tadpole swimming together)

➤What changes happened to the body of the tadpole swimming? (grows hind legs) Who did it hit? (Meet the little carp and its baby)

➤What changes happened to the body of the tadpole swimming? (grows front legs) Who did it meet again? (Meet the little turtle)

➤ Now, what color has the tadpole’s body become? (Takes off black clothes and puts on green clothes) Which part of the body disappeared? (Tail, gradually getting shorter) What did the tadpole become in the end? (Little frog)

➤What does the little frog look like? (There are two big eyes on the top of the head, green clothes, white belly, and four legs)

☋Sort the growth process of frogs☊

According to the learning content, sort the growth process of the frogs on the MedoActive desk, and talk about each node of the frog’s growth and its physical changes in the group. Finally, the teacher and everyone will check the completion of each group together, and Ask a child representative from each group to speak, and tell the growth process of a node and the characteristics of the frog’s body changes.

05 games

Use body rhythm games to show the growth process of frogs

It turns out that the little frog grows up like this, let’s learn about its changes too.

Activity summary

It’s amazing, the little tadpole finally turned into a little frog.

Do you know what skills frogs have? (catch flying insects)

Do you know what little frogs like to eat? (flies, mosquitoes, locusts, etc.)

Small frogs not only eat mosquitoes and flies, but also prey on a large number of agricultural pests such as moths and rice planthoppers. They eat about 50,000 pests a year. So people call it “the master of catching pests”. Frogs are of great benefit to us humans and are our good friends. How should we protect frogs? (Guide the children to speak, the teacher summarizes)

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