Kindergarten Courses – K2 Health, Being A Healthy Baby

Event Goals and Preparation

Activity goal

  1. Recognize various common food categories and names;
  2. Classify according to different food categories;
  3. Cultivate the good habit of not being picky eaters or anorexia.

activity preparation

Prepare a preschool video about balanced eating

activity procedure

  1. Video import

After watching, ask a little bit about the video, guide your thinking, and transfer to the desk.

  1. Observe, Discuss

What food is on the table? (Every time you open the course application, the food category that appears is the same, and the variety will change)

Guide children to recognize the food categories that appear in the curriculum:

►Vegetables (cucumber, carrot, potato, cabbage)

►Fish (different kinds of fish)

►Eggs (quail eggs, chicken eggs, fried eggs, salted eggs)

► Meat (different meats, chicken legs, ribs)

►Dairy products (cake, ice cream, milk)

► Staple food (noodles, steamed buns, bread, rice)

►Fruit (oranges, apples, raisins, bananas)

What is your favorite food? What food do you dislike?

  1. Fetching activity

Things to explain in advance:

☑Using the plate: Click on the personal icon, find the plate, click and select “Use”, or drag it out directly.

☑ Food can be taken unlimitedly.

☑Think carefully before choosing food. Just like the usual dining etiquette, the food that is put on the plate cannot be taken out again.

☑The extra food that has not been placed on the plate can be given to other children in need. If no one needs such food, put it in the “trash can” to keep the table clean, but avoid waste.

☑ Use of “Trash Can”: Click on the personal icon, find “Trash Can”, click and select “Use”, or drag it out directly.

Activity 1: Free choice of food

What food would you like to eat tomorrow?

Each child takes out a plate from the token in front of him

Pick one and put the food you find on your plate that you want to eat tomorrow.

Activity 2: According to the tips on the plate, choose the food you like to eat

Evaluate and encourage young children’s choices in the first activity.

Explain the meal plate tips and tell children to have a balanced diet in order to have a healthy body.

Plate pattern tips:

►Meat-meat ►Milk-dairy products ►Rice-staple food ►Fish-fish

►Cabbage-Vegetables ►Apple-Fruit ►Eggs-Eggs

Restart the course application, follow the prompts on the plate pattern, select food, and place them on your own plate.

Activity summary

Children, through the game just now, what we need to pay attention to is…

At the same time, the teacher should praise the children who took the food according to the correct category and the group that cooperated happily.

Whether we are eating in kindergarten, at home, or going out to eat as guests, we must develop a good habit of not being picky about eating, not anorexic, and not wasting. All kinds of food need to eat a little, our body will be very healthy.

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