Kindergarten Courses – K1 Arts, Jingle Bells

Activity goal

  1. Know all kinds of ringtones;
  2. Can tell the function of different ringtones;
  3. Like to participate in music and art activities.

Activity procedure

  1. Scenario import example:

Dear children, today the teacher will tell you a story called “Jingle Bells”. When everyone is listening, help the teacher to remember which bells appear in the story, what is its function, and what is its sound like.

(Story) On the morning of the weekend, ring ring ring… ring ring ring… the alarm clock at the little monkey’s house rang. It’s time to wake up and get ready to go!

The little monkey came to the balcony to see what the weather is like today. The warm sunshine outside is covering the earth. The purple wind chimes on the balcony make a pleasant sound when the breeze blows by. It makes people feel that life on the weekend is really good!

The little monkey called the kitten. Ringing, ringing, the phone at the kitten’s house summoned the owner to the side. The kitten picked up the receiver and heard the little monkey excitedly say: “Little cat, I’m ready to go, see you later!” “I’ve prepared a lot of toys, etc. You come to play together, come quickly.” said the kitten.

The little monkey rode his bicycle to the kitten’s house. When he saw pedestrians in front of him on the road, he rang the bell to remind the pedestrians to pay attention.

After a while, when I arrived at the door of the kitten’s house, I rang the doorbell. When the kitten heard the sound of “Ding Dong… Ding Dong…”, the kitten knew that the little monkey had arrived, and ran to open the door to invite the little monkey to come in.

Little monkey and kitten play with toys together. There are so many toys in Kitten’s house, there are all kinds of cars, plush balls, and puzzles. What the little monkey likes the most is the pair of small golden and purple bells, round in shape like a small trumpet, and it will make a crisp and melodious sound when shaken, which is very cute.

When the little monkey left, the kitten gave it the pair of bells. They meet and play together next weekend.

  1. Know the ringtone (open the course application on the big screen)

Our story ends here. Does anyone remember what toy the kitten gave the monkey when it left? (bell) What does the bell sound like? (Click the sound of the bell in the sound area)

On the weekend morning, what sound woke up the little monkey? (alarm clock) (click the sound of the alarm clock in the sound area) What is the sound of the alarm clock in your home?

On the balcony of the little monkey’s house, when the breeze blows, what makes a pleasant sound? (purple wind chime) What does the wind chime sound like? (Click on the sound of the wind chime in the sound area)

The little monkey calls the kitten, what sound calls the kitten? (the sound of an incoming call) (the sound of a phone call in the sound area)

When the monkey’s bicycle encounters a pedestrian in front, how to remind the pedestrian to pay attention? (bicycle ringtones) (click sound area bicycle ringtones)

The little monkey came to the door of the kitten’s house, how did the kitten know that the little monkey was coming? (It rang the doorbell, it was the ding-dong sound of the doorbell) (Click on the doorbell in the sound area)

  1. Activities (open the MedoActive desk course application)

Next let’s play a Jingle Bells matching game. Children play in groups, matching pictures and ringtones. Each person clicks on the ringtone in the box in turn, and everyone works together to find the picture of the ringtone and put it in the corresponding box. The teacher sees which group cooperates in the most orderly and pleasant way, and should give them a big praise.

(Children’s group activities, teachers’ tour guidance, and finally lead everyone to inspect and comment on each group.)

Activity summary

We recognize the ringtone and its role in our lives. Which ringtone is your favourite?

What are the characteristics? what does it sound like

Each sound has a special meaning it represents. The world is so beautiful because of all kinds of voices.

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