Kindergarten Courses – K3 Language, Organizing Shoes

Activity goal

  1. Know how to use language to describe things;
  2. Can express clearly;
  3. Like to express and become interested in communication.

Activity procedure

  1. Topic introduction

Today we are going to play a game about shoes. Before the game, the teacher wants to know which pair of shoes you like best. Let’s share. For example, the teacher’s favorite is a pair of pink sneakers, because they are comfortable to wear and can be worn when doing activities with you. You also come to share. Which is your favorite pair of shoes?

What color are your favorite shoes?

When will you wear it?

Why do you like it the most and what’s so special about it?

  1. Observe the screen and discuss (open the MedoActive desk course application)

Let’s take a look at the scene. Wow, so many shoes!

Take a look, kids, whose shoes are these? (father, mother, little girl)

Are these shoes the same size? (not the same size)

Who should wear the biggest shoes? (dad)

What kind of shoes does Dad wear? what colour?

Where do Dad’s shoes fit? (Working, exercising, going out to play, normal time)

Who wears the tiniest shoes? (little girl)

What kind of shoes do little girls wear and what are their characteristics? (color, style, pattern)

What season is it suitable for? (summer Winter)

What kind of shoes does mom wear? (High heel)

What’s next to the shoes? (shoe boxes, different sizes)

What kind of shoes are they on?

  1. Activities

Just now everyone carefully observed these shoes and described their characteristics. I don’t know if you have noticed that these shoes are placed one by one. Next let’s play a shoe matching game.

Ask each child to match a pair of shoes, put them in a suitable shoe box, and send the shoe box to the box next to the owner of the shoes.

And introduce to the group who wears your paired shoes, what characteristics they have, when to wear them, etc.

(Children’s group activities, teachers’ tour guidance, and finally lead everyone to comment on the matching results and interview each group)


What did you gain from today’s activity?

Today you learned how to look at shoes, tell their characteristics, when to wear them, and organize them.

If the shoes at home are messy, will you tidy them up?

If you want to buy shoes, will you consider why you are preparing for the event? For example, sports games, kindergarten performances, do you know what kind of shoes to buy?

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