Kindergarten Courses – K1 Health, Knowing Medicine

Activity goal

  1. Familiar with common medical supplies;
  2. Be able to name the name of the medical product and know its use;
  3. Like to participate in healthy activities, willing to express.

Activity preparation

Several small animal puppets, such as the bunny, bear, and lion used here.

Activity procedure

1 scene introduction

The little animal is sick and walks listlessly. The little bear had a cold and a fever, and his face was red. The little rabbit ran too fast in the forest just now, and accidentally fell and scratched his knee. The lion has had difficulty breathing recently and is feeling weak all over. The little animals came to the hospital to see a doctor. Hey, there are so many items in the hospital, the little animals said: Who can tell us, what are these?

2 Listen, what is this? Know common medical supplies. (Large screen displays the courseware screen, guides children to speak and discuss, and teachers make a summary)

★Little friend, can you tell what is in the small animal hospital?

★There are medical supplies, how much is the quantity?

★What are these names? Tell you a little secret, click on it, it will say its name. Do you want to try it? Would you like to invite the three children to come to the front and have a try? (several demonstrations are invited)

★Among these medical supplies, which one do you want to know the most? Please click on it to hear its name.

★Have you heard the children? What is your name? (After the demonstration by the three children, return to their seats) These three children are very brave, everyone should learn from them. The teacher wants to give them a big praise!

★Let’s listen to the names of these medical supplies and read along. (The teacher clicks on the picture and guides the children to read along): Thermometer, pills, cotton swabs, capsules, band-aids, stethoscope, syringe, and drop bottle.

★Do the children know the purpose of these medical supplies?

Their purpose is to treat diseases, such as when you have a cold, you may need to take medicine or injections.

If you have a fever, you may need to take your temperature with a thermometer, take antipyretics, and use a bottle.

If it is a small wound, such as a scratch on a finger, it needs to be disinfected with a cotton swab dipped in disinfectant, and then put on a Band-Aid. If the wound is serious and cannot be used with a Band-Aid, you need to go to the hospital to bandage it immediately.

3 Treat small animals on the MedoActive desk and learn about the uses of medical supplies.

★Through your enthusiastic explanations, small animals got to know medical supplies. Sick little animals are ready to be treated bravely! Now, are children willing to act as a little doctor and treat small animals? (Activity is optional)

★Children’s independent activities:

Ask each child to introduce a medical product in the group, tell its name, and its purpose.

Ask the group to choose a sick animal, discuss it together, and treat the animal.

After finishing, tell the teacher what disease the small animal in your group has and how you treated it.

★ Listen to the teacher’s password activity:

Ask each member of each group to take one piece of medical supplies, and put the remaining two from your group next to each other, leaving the middle of the desk empty.

When the teacher talked about what to use to treat small animals, the group members helped each other find the medical supplies the teacher said and put them in the middle of the desk.

(The teacher shows the hand puppet) The little bear has a fever and needs a little doctor to measure its temperature with a thermometer, give it medicine and give it a bottle.

The little rabbit has a small wound, and the little doctor needs to use a cotton swab dipped in disinfectant to disinfect the wound and stick it with a Band-Aid.

The lion was struggling to breathe and was feeling fatigued, so doctors listened with a stethoscope and ordered an examination, before giving him injections, capsules and pills.


★Through the treatment of the little doctor, the little animals recovered quickly, and they can play happily and easily. Small animals are no longer afraid to see a doctor!

★Do you like to play little doctor?  

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