Use Case 2 – Elementary School Capacity Building

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Features of MedoActive Interactive Desk
55-inch high-definition capacitive touch screen;
40-point touch interaction supports 6 people at the same time;
There are more than 100 types of special effect courseware;
More than 60 types of interactive tools;
Support sound, picture, video multimedia;
Provide hundreds of application courseware support;

2. Application Scenario – Ability Training in Primary Schools

Cooperative learning is the development trend of world education. Today’s society is in the era of knowledge economy, and the competition in all walks of life is becoming increasingly fierce. These competitions cannot be won by individual ability alone. Team spirit is becoming more and more important in the competition. Many jobs require It takes teamwork to get it done. Because of this, cooperation, communication and interaction urgently need to enter our classrooms and become one of the important ways for students to learn and develop their abilities.

Students are required to cooperate effectively on a learning topic in the form of “multiple partners or groups and group cooperation and discussion”. However, there is no relevant design in the current curriculum of primary schools, so many teachers encounter many difficulties in teaching practice. For example, only a few people actively think and speak in the group, and individual students make no contribution; They tend to deviate from the topic and start chatting; or when expressing different points of view, they are abusive or even personally attack, which makes the discussion impossible to continue, and so on.

The interactive intelligent terminal can be combined with the multi-person multi-touch platform according to its own teaching content, so that each member of the study group can, under the guidance of the teacher,
Through relevant courseware, interaction and cooperation to complete the learning tasks together, in the process of interaction and cooperation, each child has the opportunity to play their own role, show their abilities and talents, inspire each other, help each other, and improve together.

3. Benefits and purpose of the interaction:

Cultivate students’ sense of cooperation and spirit of cooperation;

facilitate student-to-student and teacher-to-teacher interaction and familiarity;

Entertaining and entertaining, improve students’ thinking skills;

Broaden students’ way of thinking and teamwork spirit;

Improve students’ interest in learning and academic performance;

To promote students’ active learning attitude and interest;

develop oral communication and social interaction skills;

Create an environment of active, exploratory learning.

4. Layout recommendations:

Taking a small school with 900 students as an example, it is recommended to put 15 interactive terminals. Each terminal can allow up to 6 children to be online at the same time. Each class is 45 minutes, which can meet the needs of 540 students per day and 2700 students per week at most. , for a small school with 900 students, each student has three training opportunities per week (1 hour each time). See the table below for details:

Elementary School SizeSuggest Desk Number1 Lesson UsersDaily ParticipantsWeekly Available SeatsWeekly Average Usage Per Kid

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