Kindergarten Courses – K1 Arts, Baby Leaves Looking For Home

Activity goal

  1. Recognize colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple;
  2. Can tell the color of the leaves;
  3. Like to participate in group inquiry activities and be willing to express.


Focus: Recognize colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple;

Difficulty: Can tell the color of the leaves.

Activity procedure

01 Import: Leaf baby is lost

The baby leaves live on the big tree. One day, a naughty wind took them away from home. What to do when they get lost when they want to go home? Children know the home of Baby Leaf—where is the big tree?

02 Know the color

Where did the wind take the baby leaf? In the creek next to the forest.

The baby leaves are wearing clothes of various colors. What colors do the children find? Can you recognize these colors?

Find the baby leaf from the stream and guess what color it is wearing. Little hands tap, you can hear what color clothes it is wearing, did the kid guess right?

There are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, and Purple. Let’s read along.

03 Doodle: Drawing leaves

Are all baby leaves the same shape? What shapes?

The baby leaves have different shapes, including oval leaves, maple leaves with sharp corners, maple leaves with rounded corners, and ginkgo leaves.

Find the work board from the toolbox, drag the baby leaves you like into the work board, try to draw the shape of the baby leaves, and paint the children’s favorite colors. After drawing, choose the transparent background color in the work board, and “print” the painted baby leaf, and it can find a home with other baby leaves.

04Send baby leaves home

(Close the “Job Board”, drag the pictures that are not transparent background and the pictures that are not shaped into the “Trash Can”, close the “Trash Can” to keep the desktop clean.)

It’s getting dark, and the baby leaves haven’t found a home yet. They are so anxious. Will the children help them?

The home of baby leaves is a big tree, where is the big tree? On the lawn in the forest.

Are these two big trees the same? What are the differences? (tall/short, big/small)

Ask the group members to work together to send the baby leaves home.

Activities can be varied, such as:

1) According to the shape: Groups 1 and 2 escort oval-shaped baby leaves and ginkgo leaves home; groups 3 and 4 escort maple-leaf babies with sharp corners and round-cornered maple leaves home;

2) By color: Groups 1 and 2 escort red, orange, and yellow leaf babies home; groups 3 and 4 escort green, cyan, blue, and purple leaf babies home;

3) By quantity: the first group escorts 5 baby leaves home, the second group escorts 6 baby leaves home…

4) Escort the baby leaves home independently.

Click the “Restart” button in the toolbox to start a new game.

05 Leaf Baby Hide and Seek

(After completion, you can play a hide-and-seek game to consolidate your knowledge of colors. A child will play the role of a teacher. When the teacher says, “Please find the baby leaf of X color”, each group will find the leaf of the corresponding color and point it out.)


Compare: which group of baby leaves has the neatest home.

Discuss: What color baby leaves live on the larger trees and which ones live on the smaller trees? What color baby leaves live on tall trees and which live on short trees? How many baby leaves live on each tree?

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