Kindergarten Courses – K2 Science, Hibernation 2

Activity goal

  1. Cultivate children’s interest in natural science;
  2. Master the knowledge of animal hibernation;
  3. Cultivate children’s ability to interact, communicate and collaborate.

Teachers know before class

  1. Understand children’s cognition of related animal names,

Prepare animal pattern cards with text;

  1. Design a game, or design a game with props;
  2. Proficient in course operation and familiar with the help content.

Activity procedure

first quarter

  1. The teacher displays animal patterns and teaches children to recognize the Chinese names of animals: squirrel, brown bear, frog, snake;
  2. In the form of a short story, tell the animals about to hibernate, and play a game;

This game is designed by the teacher himself. There are two game plans as follows:

① The first type is to use props to play.

There can be handmade hats, animals made of paper cups, simple animal cards that can be lifted up, finger figurines, etc. The teacher assigns the props and specifies the places where animals hibernate. For example: the squirrel’s home is surrounded by small stools, and the squirrel likes to live in a relatively high tree hole; the mat represents the brown bear’s home, which lives in a relatively low tree hole ……wait.

②The second type is the game without props.

Divide students into four groups, each representing a small animal from the lesson.

③Choose one of the above, listen to the teacher tell the story, and play the game according to the password.

  1. Play the animal hibernation game on the MedoActive desk.

①The teacher determines the students who are in charge of the game group, explains the rules of the game, and explains that the teacher’s instructions must be followed during the game. Each person is responsible for escorting the animals home once, and the students in charge of each group are responsible for coordination. The group uses interactive and cooperative methods, complete the game together;

② In the form of short stories, the teacher told the four animals that are about to hibernate, and asked the children to send them home one by one, and toured them for guidance.

③After finishing the game, the student in charge of the group will click “√” on the desk to test;

  1. The teacher summarizes and guides to course objective 1, and praises the best and most accurate groups.

second quarter

  1. Tell about the problems that occurred in the last class, and review the purpose of the game 1;
  2. The teacher tells the knowledge of animal hibernation in the form of stories;
  3. The teacher uses a short story to lead the game. The content and password can be changed and updated. The children in each group are asked to work together to send the animals back to their hibernating homes one by one. The teacher tours and guides to complete the game;
  4. Summarize the classroom performance, consolidate word recognition, guide to course objective 2, and consolidate hibernation knowledge.

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