Kindergarten Courses – K1 Language, Jingle Bells

Activity goal

  1. Perceive and understand the content of nursery rhymes,
  2. Learn to recite nursery rhymes;
  3. Like to participate in activities and be willing to express.

Activity procedure

  1. Guess what this sound is? (Open the MedoActive course application on the big screen)

➔The teacher clicks on the ringtone, let the children listen to it, and ask: What is this sound? (ring)

➔Children, guess what bell is ringing? (alarm clock, telephone, bicycle, doorbell, small bell)

➔The bell is ringing, what is it telling us?

The alarm clock is beeping, calling the children to get up quickly!

The phone rang, telling the owner to answer the phone quickly!

The bicycle bell is ringing, telling pedestrians, please give way, I am coming!

The doorbell is ding-dong… ding-dong… telling the family that someone is coming, please open the door.

Ring the bells, began to sing and dance, and performed.

  1. Recite nursery rhymes (open the MedoActive course application on the big screen)

The teacher plays the audio in the application, and the children listen to the nursery rhyme “Jingle Bells”, learn to read along, recite the nursery rhyme in groups, and perform imitation actions.

The alarm clock is ringing, I have to get up.

Ding Lingling on the phone, who is it?

The car bell is jingling, get out of the way quickly.

The doorbell is ringing, who can I call?

Little bell dinglingling, singing and dancing.

  1. Group activities

Open the MedoActive Desk Course App, a game for children in groups. 5 people in each group. Each child finds a bell, plays its sound, and tells the group what bell it is? What does it tell us when it rings?

  1. Role Playing

➔Children play bells together, and under the leadership of the teacher, they read nursery rhymes and do actions;

➔Play different ringtones in groups, read nursery rhymes and do actions.


Children, today we know the ringtones of alarm clock, telephone, car bell, doorbell, and small bell. Which ringtone do you like best? Why?

You know what it tells us when it rings?

What ringtones do you have at home?

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