Kindergarten Courses – General Courses – Biologics, Understanding Internal Organs

Activity goal

  1. Know the main organs in the human body: brain, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, and intestines;
  2. Have a preliminary understanding of the main functions of internal organs and know the location of organs in the body;
  3. Awareness of protecting body organs.

Activity procedure

01 Story import

There is a giant general who is in particularly good health. The organs in his body are all in harmony with each other, which makes him able to eat and drink, and has great strength. He often wins battles because the enemies are afraid of him. But the good times didn’t last long. One day, the organs in the giant’s body had conflicts. The brain, lungs, heart, liver, and intestines were all jealous of the stomach. They said, we no longer help the stomach, we have to stop blood supply, stop detoxification, Stop all work and see if the stomach can still wriggle like this. They have just stopped working, the stomach has not yet spoken, these organs feel that their life is about to stop, the giant general fell to the ground, unable to get up, he felt that his strength had disappeared.

Do the children know why the power of the giant disappeared? (discussion, next session)

02 Know internal organs

The large screen displays the picture of the courseware, and the children observe and listen to the teacher’s introduction of the functions of the main organs in the human body.


★Can you find the brain in the picture? There is a dried fruit similar to it, guess what it is? Walnut

★Do children know the location and function of the brain?

The brain is in our head, it directs the whole body. All our activities, thinking, and feelings, such as learning, memory, speaking, listening to music, sports, etc., are the work of the brain, and happiness or sadness are also the work of the brain.

★Test you: Is your brain working when eating, playing, doing homework, or painting?


★This organ with two “leaves”, do children know what it is? Where should it be on the body?

These are the lungs, in the chest cavity of the body, with one piece on the left and one on the left, namely the left lung and the right lung.

★Do you know what the lungs do?

The most important function of the lungs is breathing. When breathing, air enters from the nose and mouth, passes through the throat and trachea to the lungs, and exchanges gases from the body with the outside world. Without lungs, we cannot breathe. So are the lungs important to the human body?


★Do you know what this is? What does it look like?

This is the heart. Some people think that the heart looks like a peach. Do you think so? Why?

★If you want to know how big your heart is, just make a small fist. That’s about it, everyone is different. It’s located a little to the left of the middle of the ribcage.

★Do children know what the function of the heart is?

The heart is like a precision instrument, it works continuously and transports blood to the whole body of the human body, we cannot live without it for a moment.


★Where do children go if they know what we eat? in the stomach.

★Can you find the stomach in the picture? what does it look like Where should it be in our body?

★Do you know the function of the stomach?

The stomach digests the food we eat through peristalsis.


★Does anyone know what organ this is? liver

★ Where should it be on the body? We find the location of the liver on the body map.

★Does anyone know the function of the liver?

The liver is the largest organ in the body. Its main function is to metabolize and detoxify our body. It works at night, so we have to go to bed early.


★Can you guess the name of this organ? This is easy to recognize.

It’s called the gut, and it’s under the stomach. Includes the small and large intestines.

★What is the role of the intestine?

The intestine is the body’s largest immune system, a digestive organ, and a detoxification organ. The small intestine absorbs nutrients and the large intestine stores waste.

03 Internal organ search activity

Now let’s play a game on the MedoActive desk called Finding Homes for Internal Organs.

Ask the group members to find their home for the two groups of internal organs on your table. After finding them, take turns to introduce an internal organ, its name, shape, location, function, etc. to your friends.


★(Review knowledge points) What internal organs do we know today?

★Who do you think is the most important among them? They are all important, and none of our body’s organs should be lacking.

★Since internal organs are so important to the human body, how to protect them? Do you guys have a good idea?

Exercising more can enhance the heart and lung function; not smoking can make the lungs breathe more smoothly; not eating too stimulating food and developing hygienic eating habits can protect our stomach. Don’t stay up late, let the liver work better.

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