Kindergarten Courses – K1 Social, Fruits For Animals

Activity goal

  1. Understand and learn to abide by the basic rules;
  2. Be able to express your ideas boldly;
  3. Stimulate the emotions of caring for friends, loving parents and elders, and loving teachers.

Activity procedure

  1. Get to know fruits and small animals.

★Forest Kindergarten purchased a lot of fruits, because the lunch of the small animals is fruits today. The little animals came to the kindergarten restaurant, waiting for the life teacher to give them fruits. Who wants to be the life teacher of small animals? Each of our children should be the life teacher of the little animals, okay?

★Let’s take a look, which small animals go to school in the forest kindergarten?

The small animals in the forest kindergarten include squirrels, cats, rabbits, pigs, bears, chickens, dogs, koalas, monkeys…

★As a life teacher, before delivering fruits to the animals, you must first understand what fruits the kindergarten has purchased. Let’s get acquainted, what kind of fruits are there? (There are bananas, mangos, grapes, apples, peaches, oranges)

★Which fruit do the children like to eat here? Can you guess which one the little animals like to eat?

★Before the meal, as a teacher, what do you want to say to the little animals?

(Guiding children to speak, teacher’s summary: As a teacher, you can tell small animals to pay attention to hygiene when eating, wash hands before meals, be polite, and thank the teacher who delivered meals for us! Observe rules during meals, don’t chase games, don’t mess Run, pay attention to table hygiene, eat slowly, not picky eaters, etc.)

  1. Send fruit to small animals (child group activity)

★Little animals are already sitting neatly at the dining table, waiting for the life teacher to bring them fruits! Now, kids, please do it. Give fruits to animals.

★ (There is no limit to the way of activity, choose 1 or 2 types, a few are listed below:)

1) Each child shares a kind of fruit for all the small animals in front of him – when there are not many teaching resources, learn to allocate and cultivate collective concepts;

2) Each child divides a different kind of fruit for the small animal in front of him – each person has different looks, living habits, favorite things, and ways of speaking. Learn to accept and respect others;

3) Each child divides two to three kinds of fruits for the small animals in front of him – what if the small animals want to eat other fruits? Can exchange fruits with other groups, teach the importance of communication, children in kindergarten or at home, learn to use communication to solve difficulties.

4) The group members take turns to distribute a fruit to the small animals each time – teaching classroom rules and order of activities.


★The small animals in the forest kindergarten enjoyed a sumptuous lunch under the care of the children. Little animals thank you very much. They still want to eat the fruit you sent next time. Children, do you like to be a teacher?

★Children, when you enjoy a delicious lunch, who do you want to thank? Why? (Parents, elders, teachers, friends)

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