Kindergarten Courses – K2 Health, Group Photos oF Food

 Activity goals and preparation
  1. Recognize the different forms of common foods;
  2. Understand the food drying process;
  1. Cultivate good habits of balanced diet;
  2. Prepare some dried fruit.
 Activity procedure
  1. Topic introduction

ღInvite the children to taste the dried fruit, and ask the children to talk about what they have eaten?

ღWhat is the difference between fruit and dried fruit?

Fruit: whole, with skin, with water

Dried fruit: small pieces, skinless, dry

ღ Are fruit and dried fruit a family? Why?

Dried fruit is made of fruit, and they all have a word for fruit, but they look different and have different names.

ღHow to turn fruit into dried fruit?

Cutting, peeling, drying in the sun… The teacher’s summary: Dried fruits are mainly made by machine drying, sun drying, and absorbing water.

  1. Activities (open the MedoActive course application on the big screen)

ღ Recognize it, what kind of food is there in the lazy river?

(Recognize food names: peanuts, mushrooms, fungus, bananas, walnuts, grapes, peanut kernels, dried mushrooms, dried fungus, dried bananas, walnut kernels, raisins)

ღ Look for it, where is the food brother?

(Open the MedoAcitve Desk course application and carry out activities. Appoint a group leader and explain the responsibilities of the group leader and team members.) The food brothers want to take a group photo, and ask the children to find different shapes of the same food and put them in the photo frame in the middle. (Unlock the desktop) Swipe the desktop to take a photo with the next group of food brothers.

  1. Understand the characteristics and production process of food (after the event)

ღ Compare, what is the difference between Food Brothers?

Peanuts—peanut kernels vary in color, shape, and size

Mushrooms – dried mushrooms in different shapes

Fungus—dried fungus with different shapes and textures

Bananas – dried bananas vary in shape, size, and flavor

Walnuts—walnut kernels have different shapes and textures

Grapes – raisins Different shape, texture, taste, raisins are seedless and sweeter

ღHow does fresh food become dried or kernel?

Peanuts—Peanut kernels After peeling the peanuts, put them in the sun to dry the water, and the storage time can be extended

Shiitake mushrooms—dried shiitake mushrooms are dried in the sun, dried and hot air dried, and the dried shiitake mushrooms are more fragrant

Fungus – dried fungus sun-dried

Bananas – Dried Bananas Oven, Dryer Drying

Walnuts – walnut kernels peeled and dried in the sun for longer storage

Grapes – raisins sun-dried, pitted


ღ Kids, which one do you prefer, fruit or dried fruit? Why? Who do you prefer, vegetables or dried vegetables?

ღIn fact, dried fruit and fruit, or vegetables and dried vegetables are equally nutritious, but the water content is different, and the nutritional content also changes, but as long as they are eaten in moderation, they will be beneficial to the body. You are growing up and need a variety of foods to provide the nutrients your body needs. If you are not partial to food or picky eaters, you will have a healthy body.

ღIn addition to what you have learned above, do you know what foods can be made into dried fruits and vegetables?

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