Kindergarten Courses – K1 Math, Many Apples And One Pear

Activity goal

  1. Recognize “many” and distinguish “1” from “many”
  2. Learn to compare the number of two groups of objects, perceive more, less, and the same amount.
  1. In the next semester, the small class can learn to sing the numbers from 1 to 20 and tell the total.

activity preparation

Number cards 1~9, a hand puppet, e.g. squirrel

Activity procedure

  1. Scenario introduction

Example: The little squirrel asks for help.

Guess who am I? (Little Squirrel) Congratulations, you guessed it right, I am Little Squirrel. Hello, kids!

My fruit supermarket is going to open soon, and the large trucks in the wholesale market have brought me a lot of fruits. There are various types and quantities, but I am too busy, so I haven’t sorted them out yet, and they are all on the table. I now need to know which fruits are in the store and whether they are more or less. I really hope that someone can help organize the fruits so that my supermarket can open smoothly. Kids, would you like to help?

  1. Recognize 1 and many, perceive more, less and as much.

(Open the MedoActive course application on the big screen, and the teacher will explain while operating)

★(Slide the desk screen to display the different types and quantities of fruits in each screen in the application) The big truck has brought a lot of fruits, let’s take a look, what kind of fruits are there, and how many are there. Let’s take a look at this table, children, take a look, what fruit is on this table? Who knows? (apple, pear)

★How many pears are there? (1) (Show three number cards, one of which is 1) Can you find a number from the teacher that represents the number of pears? How many apples are there? (there are many)

★What is the relationship between 1 and many? (There are multiple 1s in many, and multiple 1s can form many)

★Let’s line up the fruits, apples on one side and pears on the other side. Let’s compare, apples and pears, who has more and who has less? (more apples, less pears)

★(The teacher drags a few apples from the desktop to the second screen, puts the same number of fruits together with the second screen, and explains the same amount) Let’s see, who has more of these two fruits and who has less? (the size may be different, but they are the same number)

★There are six pictures in the course, which can be explained according to the level of children.

Many apples, 1 pear, the number of apples is 7;

Many strawberries, 1 watermelon, the number of strawberries is 8;

Many bananas, 1 peach, the number of bananas is 6 bunches;

Many oranges, 1 bunch of bananas, the number of oranges is 5;

Many grapes, 1 mangosteen, 3 bunches of grapes;

Many peaches, 1 dragon fruit, the number of peaches is 4;

★The content of the next semester of the small class: sing the number 1~20, divide the number of each fruit, the number of each picture, the number of two pictures added together and other different methods.

  1. Activities

(Open the MedoActive desks, children are grouped into activities, first select a group leader, and explain the responsibilities of the group leader and team members)

Next, let’s help the little squirrel organize the fruits, and the fruits on the six desktops must be arranged. Each group worked together to sort and arrange the fruits, and each child said the name of the fruit on the table and their quantity. Who is more and who is less?

Comments and Summary

(The teacher will guide the activity process, review the purpose of the course at the end, and make a summary)

The little squirrel sees that the fruits in the store have become neat and tidy, and the little squirrel’s fruit shop is ready to open! It’s so happy! At the same time, I am very grateful to the children for their help.

Today we learn many and one, many and few, and as many by sorting fruits. If you change other items, can you also know? (The teacher uses other items such as books or pens to demonstrate)

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