Kindergarten Courses – K1 Social, Helping Chickens To Catch Insects

Activity goal

  1. Willing to help others;
  2. Actively communicate with peers and adapt to collective life;
  3. Be willing and dare to express your thoughts in words.

Activity procedure

1 Observe the screen and introduce the scene.

➤Introduction: After the mother hen gave birth to the eggs, she hatched the eggs for several hours every day. After 21 days, a chick pecked open the egg shell and got out, and then many chicks were gradually born. The newborn baby chicks learn to walk, learn to eat, and scream. Baby chicks are growing up. In order to make the chickens grow stronger, the mother chicken chose a sunny day, took a basket, and took the chickens to the forest to catch bugs and eat them.

➤Kids, take a look, what’s in the forest? (Guide the children to speak, and the teacher makes a summary: There are trees, flowers, grass, stones, chickens, and bugs in the forest.)

➤Let’s count, how many chicks did Mother Hen bring to the forest? (Guide the children to learn the points and tell the total.)

➤The four little chickens have no names yet, would you like to name the little chickens? (such as little yellow, little flower, little white, little black)

➤How does the mother chicken catch bugs? (Children speak, teacher’s summary: First, search the grass attentively and carefully. When you see any movement, quickly use your claws to break the grass and bite the bugs with your mouth.)

➤But the chick can’t catch the worms yet, the mother chicken catches the worms by herself, so many chicks have to eat, it’s too busy. The chickens’ bellies are already growling with hunger, what should we do?

2 help chickens catch bugs

(Children’s group activities, 4 students in each group, teacher guidance)

➤Children, are you willing to help the hungry chicks?

➤We will find that there is a basket next to Xiaohuang, Xiaohua, Xiaobai, and Xiaohei, and the color of the basket is the same as the color of their clothes! Does anyone know what the basket is for? Pretending to be bugs.

➤Then ask the children to help the chicken catch bugs! (For group collaboration activities, the teacher will demonstrate first).

Our event rules are as follows:

1) For example, if the person in front of the first child is Xiao Hei, then the child should first introduce his chicken to the group members, and he should say: My chicken is called Xiao Hei. After talking, he caught a bug and put it in Xiao Hei’s basket.

Next, the second child, the little chicken in front of him is Xiao Huang, and he also wants to introduce the little chicken, saying: My little chicken is called Xiao Huang. After talking, catch a bug and put it in Xiao Huang’s basket.

Then the third, and then the fourth… take turns to introduce their chicks, and catch a bug and put it in the basket.

2) After catching all the worms in the forest into the basket, count each child, how many worms did you catch? After counting, tell the friends in the group in turn, for example: I caught 3 bugs for Xiaohua. The other children check to see if he is right. If not, help the child count the number of worms in his basket. If it is correct, the next one will tell everyone. Until the group members have correctly stated the quantity.

3) Find the “Restart” button in the token, click to re-enter the activity.


➤Correction: In the activity just now, some team members rushed to catch a lot of bugs by themselves without waiting for other members. Is this good? In this way, everyone will not be able to perform well. In the future, take turns in order, and the group members help each other to complete the activities together.

➤ Encouragement: In the activities, some group members help each other, without competing for the first, and carry out the activities in a very orderly manner. This kind of group is very good, and other groups should learn from them!

➤With the help of the children, Xiao Huang, Xiao Hua, Xiao Bai, and Xiao Hei are all well fed. The little chickens think you are really helpful children! The chicks went home happily with the mother chicken!

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