Kindergarten Courses – K1 Social, Dressing Up Mom & Dad

Activity goal

  1. Get to know the supplies and functions in the life of parents;
  2. Be able to distinguish between the supplies of parents;
  3. Stimulate the emotion of loving parents.

Activity procedure

01 Scene introduction

★Little Gray Rabbit’s father is very tall. He not only protects the little gray rabbit, but also often goes out to pick radishes and vegetables, and brings them back for the mother rabbit and the little gray rabbit to eat. The mother rabbit is very gentle and has beautiful white fur. The little gray rabbit likes his parents very much! Children, do you like your parents?

02 Observation and Discussion

★ (Large screen shows the course picture) Children, there are many items of parents here (in the rafting river), come and see, what are there?

There are rings (women), suits (men), coats (women), lipstick, necklaces (women), shirts (men), watches (men), bags/handbags (men), and hats (Men), Beach Hat (Women), Leather Bag/Handbag (Women), Sunglasses (Men), Scarf (Women), High Heel Sandals, Razor, Earrings, Belt (Men), Skirt , leather shoes (men’s style), peaked cap (men’s style), gloves (women’s style), tie… (select the “restart” button in the token, and some new items will appear)

★Is this something from Dad or from Mom? Which are dad’s? Which are mom’s? (encourage children to speak)

★When will father/mother use these items?

03 Classification activities (child groups)

★Mom and dad each have a wardrobe, please think about whether the item you got belongs to your dad or your mother, tell other children in your group, tell about the circumstances under which mom and dad use this item, and Put the items into the corresponding wardrobe.

★The members of each group take turns to place items, do not grab, do not mess up, and help each other until the group completes the activity together. First, the team leader leads the team members to check by themselves, and then ask the teacher to check. See which group works best and is most accurately placed.

04 Dress up mom and dad

★Would you like to play mom and dad? (The teacher selects a few items on the large-screen course screen to guide the children to behave boldly)

Example: Use lipstick, high-heeled shoes, skirts, beach hats and other items to guide girls to imitate their mother’s movements of applying lipstick, wearing a hat, and stepping on their feet.

Use ties, suits (men’s models), watches (men’s models) and other items to guide boys to learn how their fathers wear ties, wear coats, walk, raise their wrists to see the time, and read books.


★Would you like to be an adult or a child? Why?

★Through today’s event, what do you want to say to your parents?

When children meet their parents, remember to tell them what they want to say!

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