Kindergarten Courses – K1 Health, Little Medicine Box

Activity goal

  1. Know the medicine box and common medical supplies;
  2. Able to classify medical supplies and other items;
  3. Like to participate in group activities and be willing to express.

Activity procedure

1 story import

There are many items in the little squirrel’s house, such as water cups, toys, stationery, medical supplies, daily necessities, etc., which have not been cleaned for a long time, and the house is very messy. Someone came to our house this weekend. The mother squirrel gave the little squirrel a task to classify the medical supplies and other items at home and put them in the medicine box and storage box. The little squirrel is very happy, because he wants to be a doctor when he grows up, so he likes to organize the medicine box.

2 Know the medicine box and medical supplies

(The teacher displays the courseware screen on the big screen, guides the children to observe, speak and discuss, and the teacher makes a summary. There are 12 kinds of items in the drifting river in each screen, including medical supplies and other items. Select the “Restart” button in the token, and a Different items, can lead the children to observe two to three pictures)

★Kids, take a look, what items are in the little squirrel’s home? Do you know its name?

The little squirrel’s home has water cups, toy dolls, capsules, medicine, iron clips, crayons, syringes, shovels (shovels), hanging bottles, calcium tablets, bandages, spoons (spoons), scissors, stethoscopes, basketballs, stationery glue, Rulers, toothbrushes, cotton swabs, books, pencils, paper clips, medicine boxes, storage boxes…

★Does any child know what are medical supplies?

Medical supplies include capsules, medicines, syringes, bottles, calcium tablets, bandages, stethoscopes, cotton swabs, and medicine boxes

★Kids guess, when do you need to use these medical supplies?

When you are sick or have a cold, take medicine, injections, and infusions according to the doctor’s instructions. The medicines for each disease are different, and you can’t just take medicine casually.

When there is a small wound on the outside, use a bandage, and a large wound needs to go to the hospital for treatment.

A stethoscope is used by doctors.

★Do the children know how these medical supplies are used?

Oral: capsules, pills, calcium tablets

External use: bandages, stethoscope, cotton swabs

For injection: syringes, vials

Medical box for storage and storage of medical supplies

★Kids guess, which places have medicine boxes?

Family, school, unit…

★What are not medical supplies?

Water cups, toy dolls, iron clips, crayons, shovels (shovels), spoons (spoons), scissors, basketballs, stationery glue, rulers, toothbrushes, books, pencils, paper clips, storage boxes…

★Where are these items used? (Guiding children to speak and discuss)

3 sorting activities (child groups)

★The little squirrel really hopes to have friends to organize it together. Children, would you like to help the little squirrel organize the items at home?

★Different storage methods to cultivate collaboration skills, for example:

Organize freely:

Next, invite the children to help the little squirrel organize the items at home. Ask each group member to work together to put the medical supplies in the lazy river into the medicine box and put other items into the storage box.

Arranged according to the teacher’s instructions:

Please ask the children on the left side of the teacher to put the medical supplies into the medicine box, and the children on the right side of the teacher are responsible for putting other items into the storage box.

Ask group members to take turns and each place an item in the appropriate medicine or storage box.

★After the completion, please ask each member to tell in the group whether what they store and organize is medical supplies or other supplies, what is its name, and how it is used. Let’s see which group finishes quickly and well.


★With the help of the children, the little squirrel quickly organized the medical supplies and other supplies. The medical supplies are in the medicine box, and other supplies are in the storage box. The mother squirrel is so happy to see it, and she praised the little squirrel! The mother squirrel also said that the children, like the little squirrels, are good children who are obedient and love to tidy up!

★Do children like to tidy up the medicine cabinet? Are there any children who have the same ideal as Little Squirrel and want to be a doctor when they grow up?

★Is there any place in your home that needs to be organized? Would you like to tidy up this place when you get home?

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