Kindergarten Courses – K1 Math, Parking By Sizes

Activity goal

  1. Recognize the difference between the size and number of objects;
  2. Can be classified according to the size of the object;
  3. Stimulate children’s interest in mathematics activities.

Activity procedure

  1. Question import

★Children, what kind of car have you ever taken? (Bus/Car/Subway/Bicycle/Baby Stroller/Twisting Car/Small Bicycle/Small Motorcycle)

★What is your favorite car? What color is your favorite car? What is it like?

★Do you want to be a little driver and drive your favorite car? Today, each of us will be a little driver. Before that, let’s take a look at the color and shape of the car we want to drive, and where we want to drive.

  1. Observe the screen (open the Midou desk course application)

★Wow, there are a lot of cars passing by on the road. Who is driving the car? Did you drive it? What color is the car you drive?

★What’s next to the road? Who can tell the teacher what this is? (PARKING LOT)

★What else is next to the parking lot? (Green lawn, colorful flowers)

★This is a road with a beautiful environment. How many rows of parking lots are there beside the road? (two rows: horizontal/vertical)

★Are the two rows of parking lots the same size? (Not the same, there are small parking spaces and large parking spaces)

★Why are there small parking spaces in the parking lot and large parking spaces? (for parking vehicles of different sizes)

★Let’s take a look, are the cars the children drive over from the road the same size? (It’s different, there are big cars and small cars)

★Which parking space should a large car be parked in? Where should a small car be parked? (Do not give an answer, prompt the child to think)


★ Next, each of us will be a small driver and park the passing cars in the parking lot.

★There are some conventions in our parking activities: each group member should help each other, remind each other, each person once, and take turns to park.

★Every time a child parks, we check it together to see if it is correct. The child who parked wrong should humbly accept the suggestions of the group members, look carefully, and park the car in a suitable place.

★The teacher wants to see which group of drivers has the best cooperation and is the happiest, and this group will be awarded the title of the best driver team.

(Establish a group leader, carry out parking activities on the desks, the group operates by itself, and the teacher guides itinerantly. The activity can be carried out 2~3 times, and it can also be classified by color such as red and other colors, which helps to quickly grasp the big/small, multi- /less difference)

Discussion and thinking (the teacher checks the parking results of each group and leads to the purpose of the course)

★ Let’s take a look at the parking situation of each group. Let’s look at the first group first. Let’s see, are the little drivers in the first group parked in the right place?

★Through the activity of small drivers parking, we learned that the location of the parking lot is big or small. What kind of vehicles should be parked in a large location? (Large vehicle) What kind of vehicle should be parked in a small location? (small vehicle)

★Small parking spaces are arranged horizontally above, and large parking spaces are arranged vertically on the left. Drivers, come and observe, are there more small parking spaces or more large parking spaces? (smaller ones, bigger ones less)

★Are there more small cars or more big cars? (smaller is more, larger is less) (reinforces the distinction of big/small, more/few)

(You can also ask about the color) Let’s see how many red cars there are? Are there more red cars, or more cars of other colors? (less red, more other colors)

Activity summary

★Children, do you like to be a little driver to park?

★Which car do you like the most? What color is it? Is your favorite car big or small?

Our parking lot has large parking spaces and small parking spaces. Smaller parking lots have more parking spaces, while larger ones have fewer parking spaces. We drive big and small cars. There are more small cars and fewer big cars.

★In the activity just now, there were two children who both liked the same car and wanted to park that car, so they started arguing. Is that right? No, if every child is like this, can our little driver’s parking activity continue? cannot. In the group, we are together, we must be humble to each other, park in order, and everyone abides by the rules, and the cooperation in the group will be very pleasant. So to criticize group X, we must cooperate well next time.

★In addition, we saw that Group X and Group X had a very pleasant cooperation. Everyone gave way to each other. Some children parked in the wrong place. Other members of the group kindly reminded them. The children also listened to the suggestions and finally parked the car smoothly. position, completed the group goals. These two groups won the title of the best driver team!

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