Kindergarten Courses – K2 Science, Find Animals By Sound

Activity goal

Understand the living habits of common animals;

  1. Able to recognize animal sounds and name animals;
  2. Willing to care for animals and interested in continuing to explore animal knowledge.

Activity procedure

1 Know the animals

★A lot of new friends came to class with us today, do you want to know who they are? Then invite them out!

★(The teacher opens the large-screen course application and guides the children to observe)

★Do the children know their names? Do you know what food they like to eat? (Guide the children to observe and tell the names and appearance characteristics of the animals, and the teacher briefly introduces the living habits of the animals)

Guess the animal’s sound (the teacher clicks on the grid in the picture, let the children listen to the sound to guess the animal, get familiar with the sounds of various animals, and name the animal.)

★We have known the names of our new friends and what they like to eat, so let’s invite them to say hello to the children. Let’s listen to their voices, children, guess whose voice it is? the

3 Listen to the sound to find animals

★(group activity for young children) Next, the little animals will play a game of hide and seek with you. ★Each child takes turns to click on the mysterious grid in the group to hear whose voice it is? Say its name to the group. Find its picture and put the picture in the grid. Let’s see if this kid is doing it right. After one child finishes, the next one clicks on the grid, says the name of the animal, and looks for the corresponding picture.


★Which one of the new friends do the children like the most? What does it like to eat? what does it sound like ★Would you like to introduce the new friends you met today to your family and friends? How to introduce it? Say its name, what it looks like, what it likes to eat, what its sound is like.

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